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Kuupäev: 16.02.2022
Valdkonnaviide: TR8; RSB2
Alamvaldkond: Lennuväljad ja kopteriväljakud
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Definitsioon: a type of fire-fighting air foam produced by special fluorocarbon surfactant foam concentrates that controls the vaporization of flammable liquids by means of a water film that develops as the foam is applied [TER-PLUS
Aqueous Film Forming Foam
Allikaviide: ICAO-9137/I/4; 92969
Kontekst: 8.1 PRINCIPAL EXTINGUISHING AGENTS 8.1.1 Foam. ... a) Protein foam. ... b) Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). ... c) Fluoroprotein foam (conventional). ... d) Film forming fluoroprotein (FFFP) foams. ... e) Synthetic foams. ... [ICAO-9137/I/4]
aqueous film forming foam
Allikaviide: TER-PLUS
aqueous film-forming foam
Allikaviide: TER-PLUS
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: ICAO-9137/I/4; 92969; TER-PLUS
Kontekst: AFFF has been used so widely because it is an exceptionally effective fire-fighting solution for high-hazard flammable liquid fires. When applied to a hazard, AFFF produces an aqueous film that spreads across the surface of the fire to extinguish the flame. This film is what gives AFFF its name, and it works by suppressing flammable liquid vapor, effectively suffocating the fire hazard. The foam component further suppresses fires by keeping hot fuel from reigniting. [92969]

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