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offshore standard approach procedure
Allikaviide: PÄRING; 32021R2237
Kontekst: Notwithstanding points CAT.OP.MPA.192, NCC.OP.152 and SPO.OP.151, the pilot-in command/commander does not need to specify a destination alternate aerodrome in the operational flight plan when conducting flights from an offshore location to a land destination aerodrome provided that sufficient operational contingency is in place to ensure a safe return from offshore. [PÄRING]
Kontekst: SPA.HOFO.125 Offshore standard approach procedures (OSAPs) (a) An operator shall establish procedures to ensure that offshore standard approach procedures (OSAPs) are followed only if: (1) the helicopter is capable of providing navigation and real-time obstacle environment information for obstacle clearance; and (2) either: (i) the minimum descent height (MDH) is determined from a radio altimeter or a device that provides equivalent performance; or (ii) the minimum descent altitude (MDA) is applied and it includes an adequate margin. [32021R2237]
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Allikaviide: PÄRING; 32021R2237
Kontekst: When an OSAP is followed to a non-moving offshore location (i.e. fixed installation or moored vessel) and a reliable GNSS position for the location is available in the navigation system, the GNSS/area navigation system shall be used to enhance the safety of the OSAP. [32021R2237]

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merel toimuv standardlähenemise protseduur
Allikaviide: EKSPERT; 32021R2237
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: 32021R2237

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