Kirje: 92922
Kuupäev: 06.12.2021
Valdkonnaviide: TR8; GOM3
Alamvaldkond: Lennumeteoroloogia
Mõistetüüp: termin

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Definitsioon: ice with water on top of it or ice that is melting [02014R0139-20210812; ICAO-AN14/I/8/1-14]
Märkus: Freezing precipitation can lead to runway conditions associated with wet ice from an aeroplane performance point of view. Wet ice can cause the surface to become very slippery. [ICAO-AN14/I/8/1-14]
wet ice
Allikaviide: 02014R0139-20210812; 32020R2148; ICAO-AN14/I/8/1-14
Kontekst: The aerodrome operator shall report the runway surface condition over each third of the runway using a runway condition report (RCR). The report shall include a runway condition code (RWYCC) using numbers 0 to 6, the contaminant coverage and depth, and a description using the following terms: (1) COMPACTED SNOW; (2) DRY; (3) DRY SNOW; (4) DRY SNOW ON TOP OF COMPACTED SNOW; (5) DRY SNOW ON TOP OF ICE; (6) FROST; (7) ICE; (8) SLIPPERY WET; (9) SLUSH; (10) SPECIALLY PREPARED WINTER RUNWAY; (11) STANDING WATER; (12) WATER ON TOP OF COMPACTED SNOW; (13) WET; (14) WET ICE; (15) WET SNOW; (16) WET SNOW ON TOP OF COMPACTED SNOW; (17) WET SNOW ON TOP OF ICE; (18) CHEMICALLY TREATED; (19) LOOSE SAND. [02014R0139-20210812]

et et
Definitsioon: jää, mille peal on vesi, või sulav jää [02014R0139-20210812]
märg jää
Allikaviide: 02014R0139-20210812; 32020R2148

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