Kirje: 92855
Kuupäev: 17.06.2021
Valdkonnaviide: TR8; TR7
Alamvaldkond: Otsing ja päästmine
Mõistetüüp: termin
Staatus: LTK kinnitatud

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Definitsioon: search and rescue services characterized by the need for immediate response to large numbers of persons in distress, such that the capabilities normally available to search and rescue authorities are inadequate [ICAO-9731/I/1]
mass rescue operation
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/1; ICAO-9731/II/8
Kontekst: When a major incident occurs, such as with a large aircraft or cruise ship, hundreds of persons may be at risk, involving many nationalities. Such an incident may result in the need for mass rescue operations (MROs), .... [ICAO-9731/I/1]
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/1; ICAO-9731/II/8
Kontekst: Flooding, earthquakes, terrorism, and large passenger aircraft or ship disasters are examples of scenarios that may involve the need for MROs. [ICAO-9731/I/1]

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suuremahuline päästeoperatsioon
Allikaviide: LTK

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