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Definitsioon: one or more persons or agencies within an Administration with overall responsibility for establishing and providing SAR services and ensuring that planning for those services is properly coordinated [ICAO-9731/I/1]
Märkus: SCs have the overall responsibility for establishing, staffing, equipping, and managing the SAR system, including providing appropriate legal and funding support, establishing RCCs and rescue sub-centres (RSCs), providing or arranging for SAR facilities, coordinating SAR training, and developing SAR policies. SCs are the top level SAR managers; each State normally will have one or more persons or agencies for whom this designation may be appropriate. [ICAO-9731/II/8]
Märkus: SCs are not normally involved in the conduct of SAR operations. [ICAO-9731/II/8]
search and rescue coordinator
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/1; ICAO-9731/II/8
Search and Rescue Coordinator
Allikaviide: EUR SAR Plan
Kontekst: State SAR plans describe how SAR services will be provided, organized and supported in order for States to meet their obligations under the relevant Conventions. Search and Rescue Coordinators (SC) and SAR managers oversee and implement these plans. National SAR plans should be signed by all Government agencies which can provide or support SAR services. These agencies should all be represented on the State’s Search and Rescue Coordinating Committee (SCC), which oversees these plans. Note: The SC should not be confused with the operational nature of the SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC). [EUR SAR Plan]
SAR coordinator
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/1; ICAO-9731/II/8
Kontekst: The SAR system has three levels of coordination associated with SAR coordinators (SCs), SAR mission coordinators (SMCs), and on-scene coordinators (OSCs). [ICAO-9731/II/8]
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Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/1; ICAO-9731/II/8; EUR SAR Plan

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otsingu- ja päästekoordinaator
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