Kirje: 92847
Kuupäev: 16.06.2021
Valdkonnaviide: TR8; TR7
Alamvaldkond: Otsing ja päästmine
Mõistetüüp: termin
Staatus: LTK kinnitatud

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Definitsioon: reports, from the OSC to the SMC or the SMC to interested agencies, to keep them informed of on-scene conditions and mission progress [ICAO-9731/II/8]
situation report
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/II/8; ICAO-9731/III/11
Kontekst: Situation reports (SITREPs) are used to pass information about a particular SAR incident. RCCs use them to keep other RCCs, RSCs, and appropriate agencies informed of cases which are of immediate or potential interest or as a briefing tool where an RCC is requesting assistance or action(s) from another RCC or organization. The OSC uses SITREPs to keep the SMC aware of mission events. Search facilities use SITREPs to keep the OSC informed of mission progress. [ICAO-9731/II/8]
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/II/8; ICAO-9731/III/11

et et
Definitsioon: OSC ja ACO ettekanded SMC-le või SMC info asjaomastele ametkondadele olukorrast tegevuspaigal ja tegevuse arengust [SAR-plaan]
olukorra ettekanne
Allikaviide: LTK
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: SAR-plaan

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