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Kuupäev: 15.06.2021
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search and rescue exercise
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/11; ICAO-AN12/8/18
Kontekst: To achieve and maintain maximum efficiency in search and rescue, Contracting States shall provide for regular training of their search and rescue personnel and arrange appropriate search and rescue exercises. [ICAO-AN12/8/18]
SAR exercise
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/11; EUR SAR Plan
Kontekst: Adjacent RCCs should periodically execute SAR exercises together to develop and maintain efficient cooperation and coordination between their services. [ICAO-9731/I/11]
SAR Exercise
Allikaviide: EUR SAR Plan
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: ICAO-9731/I/11; EUR SAR Plan
Kontekst: A SAREX (SAR Exercise) provides unique Search and Rescue Training experience regarding the operational, technical and planning aspects. In this regard, every State is believed to establish an annual SAREX program with other States in the EUR Region, with every second year being a desktop communications exercise, and alternate years being a full exercise, taking into consideration the operational benefits and financial aspects. [EUR SAR Plan]

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Allikaviide: LTK

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