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Allikaviide: Webopedia; AKIT
Kontekst: In Web development the term monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue thorough your Web site or blog. Monetization can be from affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any form of revenue generation. [Webopedia Monetization]
Allikaviide: 52020XC0707(02)
Kontekst: The notion of monetisation of audiovisual content encompasses direct revenues and indirect gains obtained by the service. Even in cases where the service does not receive revenues directly it can indirectly benefit from the audiovisual content uploaded and monetised by users. Generally, the perspective of monetising their content will incentivise creators to produce content of higher quality in order to attract views and, in turn, revenues. Ultimately, this can be expected to have a positive impact on the popularity and success of the service. [52020XC0707(02)]

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Definitsioon: ainelist tulu tooma panemine, eeskätt veebisaidi või blogi puhul, näiteks maksulise sisuga või reklaamide avaldamisega [AKIT]
Allikaviide: AKIT; 52020XC0707(02)
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