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structural repair manual
Allikaviide: 32014R1321;32019R1383; FAA-AMT/I/2018
Kontekst: The structural repair manual is developed by the manufacturer’s engineering department to be used as a guideline to assist in the repair of common damage to a specific aircraft structure. It provides information for acceptable repairs of specific sections of the aircraft. [FAA-AMT/I/2018]
Kontekst: The modification or repair of any of the following parts: ... (d) any other structure, not listed in (1), that a manufacturer has identified as primary structure in its maintenance manual, structural repair manual or instructions for continuing airworthiness. [32014R1321]
Structural Repair Manual
Allikaviide: SKY; FAA-AMT/I/2018
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Allikaviide: SKY; FAA-AMT/I/2018
Kontekst: If appropriate procedures for the damage found are not contained in the SRM then a specific Repair Scheme needs to be obtained from the aircraft manufacturer. [SKY Structural Repair Manual]

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konstruktsiooniremonditööde käsiraamat
Allikaviide: 32014R1321;32019R1383; EKSPERT

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