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bulkhead seat
Allikaviide: PÄRING; TER-PLUS; 92786;92787; 92788
Kontekst: A bulkhead is a physical partition, typically a wall, but sometimes a curtain or screen. Bulkhead seats are located directly behind such partitions. [TER-PLUS]
Kontekst: Bulkhead seats are the seats directly behind physical partitions on the plane, for example, the walls, curtains or screens that separate the different seat classes and/or sections of a plane like the galley and lavatory. [92787]
Kontekst: The seats that are located right behind such bulkheads or partitions, are referred to as “bulkhead seats”. Thus, the very first seat that you see behind a partitioned wall, between cabins and other divisions, are bulkhead seats. Some airlines may have just one bulkhead seat on each side behind different partitions of the plane, while other airline carriers may provide more than one such seat on each side.
Kontekst: Choosing a bulkhead seat (any seat behind a physical barrier, such as screens or walls) means there’s no seat in front to recline into your personal space, making it just that bit more comfortable and potentially more spacious. Often there’s a little more leg space in these seats too, so you can stretch your legs a little further without bothering fellow passengers. However, some planes are a little more cramped in the bulkhead seats, and there’s no place to store hand luggage under the seat in front. Some planes reserve these seats for travelers with infants requiring bassinets, so they may not be available. [92788]

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siège près d'une cloison
Allikaviide: TER-PLUS

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vaheseina tagune istekoht
Allikaviide: EKSPERT

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