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Definitsioon: the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions which result from industrial or other human activity, by participating in schemes designed to effect equivalent reductions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere [OED Online]
Definitsioon: any activity that compensates for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases (measured in carbon dioxide equivalents [CO2e]) by providing for an emission reduction elsewhere [BRITANNICA Carbon offset]
Definitsioon: the process of trying to reduce the damage caused by releasing carbon dioxide into the environment by doing other things that remove carbon dioxide, for example, by planting trees [CDO]
carbon offsetting
Allikaviide: OED Online; BRITANNICA; IATE; 92742; 92743; 92744
Kontekst: Carbon offsetting aims to achieve an overall net reduction in greenhouse gases. Rather than reducing carbon emissions, individuals and businesses are encouraged to compensate for their emissions to achieve a carbon neutral net result. [92743]
Kontekst: For a long time, organizations have considered carbon offsetting as a way to show they are committed to sustainability and engaged in fighting climate change, without actually making any real commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Purchasing carbon credits and claiming to be carbon neutral has therefore been highly criticized by environmental NGOs and has been referred to as greenwashing. [92742]
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Kontekst: Tree planting is the most common form of offsetting, but it can also be achieved through renewable energy and energy conservation. [92743]
carbon compensation
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