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Kuupäev: 23.12.2021
Valdkonnaviide: TR8
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Definitsioon: a set of provisions that results from the pre-application of the specific operations risk assessment (SORA) methodology to a type of UAS operations [92960]
Märkus: It helps both UAS operators to develop the package to support the application for the operational authorisation and competent authorities to assess the application. [92960]
predefined risk assessment
Allikaviide: 92704; 92959; 92960
Kontekst: For some UAS operations that are classified as being in the ‘specific’ category, alternatives to carrying out a full risk assessment are offered to UAS operators: ... (b) for other UAS operations, a request for authorisation may be submitted based on the mitigations and provisions described in the predefined risk assessment (PDRA) when the UAS operation meets the operational characterisation described in AMC2 et seq. Article 11 to the UAS Regulation. [92704]
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Allikaviide: 92704; 92959; 92960
Kontekst: It is EASA’s intention to publish several PDRAs catering for the most common operations in Europe in the coming years. If the operation you intend to conduct is covered by one of the published PDRAs, instead of conducting a full risk assessment you can follow the instruction in the PDRA and prepare the documentation in support of the application to be submitted to the NAA accordingly. [92959]

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eelmääratud riskihindamine
Allikaviide: 92958

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