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Kuupäev: 23.12.2021
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Definitsioon: a means by which an aircraft operator is granted approval by certifying authorities to operate an unmanned aircraft system within the limitations set forth by the authorities in the Specific Category [JARUS Glossary]
Definitsioon: a risk assessment methodology developed by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) WG-6 to support drone operations in the Specific category, which require the development of an operational risk assessment prior to conducting an operation [92957]
Märkus: It is recommended by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) to Article 11 of Commission Implementing EU Regulation 947/2019 for operations in the Specific category. [92957]
Specific Operations Risk Assessment
Allikaviide: JARUS-SORA; 92957
specific operations risk assessment
Allikaviide: 92704
Kontekst: The operational risk assessment required by Article 11 of the UAS Regulation may be conducted using the methodology described in AMC1 Article 11. This methodology is basically the specific operations risk assessment (SORA) developed by JARUS. Other methodologies might be used by the UAS operator as alternative means of compliance. [92704]
Specific Operational Risk Assessment
Allikaviide: JARUS Glossary
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Allikaviide: JARUS Glossary; 92704; 92957
Kontekst: The SORA provides a methodology to guide both the UAS operator and the competent authority in determining whether a UAS operation can be conducted in a safe manner. The document should not be used as a checklist, nor be expected to provide answers to all the challenges related to the integration of the UAS in the airspace. The SORA is a tailoring guide that allows a UAS operator to find a best fit mitigation means, and hence reduce the risk to an acceptable level. For this reason, it does not contain prescriptive requirements, but rather safety objectives to be met at various levels of robustness, commensurate with the risk. [92704]

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erikäitamise riskihindamine
Allikaviide: 92958
Kontekst: Käitamisluba kavandatud käitamise riskihindamise korraldamise kaudu, kasutades riskihindamise metoodikat, üks variant on erikäitamise riskihindamine (SORA), mille leiab määruse (EL) 2019/947 artikli 11 punkist AMC1. See metoodika aitab teha kindlaks käitamise riskitaseme ning maandamise ja käitamisohutuse eesmärgid, mida on tarvis käitamise ohutuks tegemiseks. [92958]

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