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Definitsioon: a lighting system with luminaries of the direct or semidirect type, mounted high above the floor; used principally in industrial installations [IATE; 78970]
high-bay lighting
Allikaviide: IATE; 78970
high bay
Allikaviide: 92645
Kontekst: When considering high bays vs. low bays, the matter of the ceiling height is always the deciding factor. The reason behind this is because these two categories of lighting fixtures are manufactured differently to accommodate the needs of each space. For example, one of the major differences is the concentration of the light spread. Most high bays will utilize reflectors to help ensure the light spreads down and out in the way necessary for visibility in the space from the higher distance. A high bay will also feature a high lumen output to compensate for the greater distance compared to low bay light fixtures. A fixture placed so high up may have a harder time maintaining the brightness you expect so it needs to compensate with a higher lumen output to reach all the vital areas and avoid shadows. [92645]
Allikaviide: PÄRING; 92690
Kontekst: Because a high-ceiling location has more space to fill, a high-bay by definition is a powerful light source that can brighten up a large area. [92690]
Kontekst: Round high-bay lights, linear high-bays, architectural high-bays and grid-mount high-bays all offer different light qualities and coverage styles. [92690]
Allikaviide: PÄRING
Kontekst: Using this application enables to control high power highbays or other specific luminaires. [PÄRING]

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Märkus: valgusti, mis sobib suurepäraselt kõrgete lagedega ruumidesse, paigalduskõrgus on 6...12 m [92687]
Allikaviide: 92686; 92685; 92687
Kontekst: LED-kõrglaevalgustid. ... LEDVANCE® High Bay -kõrglaevalgustite tootesarja kuulub kaks valgustit võimsusega 120 W (avarusnurk 90°) ja 200 W (avarusnurk 70°) ning valgusvooga vastavalt 13 000 ja 22 000 luumenit. ... Soovitatavad kasutuskohad - Üldvalgustus kõrgete lagedega ruumides - Laohooned, logistikakeskused - Tööstushooned [92685]
high bay
Allikaviide: 92685; 92688
Allikaviide: 92686; 92687

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