Kirje: 92615
Kuupäev: 01.04.2021
Valdkonnaviide: EN6
Mõistetüüp: termin

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Definitsioon: a product that is made wholly or partly from plastic and that is not conceived, designed or placed on the market to accomplish, within its life span, multiple trips or rotations by being returned to a producer for refill or re-used for the same purpose for which it was conceived [32019L0904]
single-use plastic product
Allikaviide: 32019L0904; IATE
Kontekst: Single-use plastic products include a diverse range of commonly used fast-moving consumer products that are discarded after having been used once for the purpose for which they were provided, are rarely recycled, and are prone to becoming litter. [32019L0904]
Kontekst: Single-use plastic products and fishing gear containing plastic are therefore a particularly serious problem in the context of marine litter, pose a severe risk to marine ecosystems, to biodiversity and to human health and damage activities such as tourism, fisheries and shipping. [32019L0904]
single-use plastics
Allikaviide: IATE

et et
Definitsioon: täielikult või osaliselt plastist valmistatud toode, mis ei ole kavandatud, valmistatud või turule lastud eesmärgiga see tootjale uuesti täitmiseks tagastada või seda kavandatud eesmärgil korduskasutada nii, et toode ringleks oma olelusringi jooksul mitu korda [32019L0904]
ühekordselt kasutatav plasttoode
Allikaviide: 92617; 32019L0904; IATE
ühekordne plasttoode
Allikaviide: 92617
Kontekst: Ühekordsete plasttoodete alternatiividena kasutatakse üha enam ühekordseid papist või kartongist anumaid, mille sees on plastikust kile, bambusest topse, orgaanilisest materjalidest biolagunevaid toidunõusid, jmt. [92617]

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