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Kuupäev: 21.10.2020
Valdkonnaviide: ME; ME6; MES
Mõistetüüp: termin

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Definitsioon: elundi- või koemahu suurenemine, mis on tingitud kompensatoorsest rakuhulga suurenemisest rakkude jagunemise ja vohamise tagajärjel [IATE]
Definitsioon: looma v taime elundi haiguslik suurenemine rakkude suurenemise ja rohkenemise tõttu [VSL-2012]
Definitsioon: rakuhulga suurenemisest tingitud elundi või koe tavalisest suuremad mõõtmed [MED2]
Allikaviide: RHK-10; MED2; EKSS; VSL-2012; EKIÜS-2020; IATE
Kontekst: Pankrease endokriinrakkude hüperplaasia glükagooni liigsusega [RHK-10]

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Definitsioon: the enlargement of an organ or tissue caused by an increase in the reproduction rate of its cells, often as an initial stage in the development of cancer [Lexico]
Definitsioon: an increase in the number of essentially normal cells [TER-PLUS]
Definitsioon: abnormal increase in volume of a tissue or organ caused by the formation and growth of new normal cells [TFDM]
Allikaviide: TER-PLUS; IATE;ICD-10: M-W; COO; Lexico; TFDM; BRITANNICA; MED2
Kontekst: Abnormal cells-the kind that generally make up tumours-differ from normal cells in having undergone one or more of the following alterations: (1) hypertrophy, or an increase in the size of individual cells; this feature is occasionally encountered in tumours but occurs commonly in other conditions; (2) hyperplasia, or an increase in the number of cells within a given zone; in some instances it may constitute the only criterion of tumour formation; (3) anaplasia, or a regression of the physical characteristics of a cell toward a more primitive or undifferentiated type; this is an almost constant feature of malignant tumours, though it occurs in other instances both in health and in disease. [BRITANNICA Tumour]

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Allikaviide: TER-PLUS; IATE

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Allikaviide: IATE
Allikaviide: IATE

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Allikaviide: IATE; MED2

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Allikaviide: RHK-10; MED2

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