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Kuupäev: 21.10.2020
Valdkonnaviide: ME; ME6
Mõistetüüp: termin

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Definitsioon: liiga vähene suhkrusisaldus veres [VSL-2012]
Definitsioon: tavalisest väiksem glükoosihulk veres [MED2]
Allikaviide: RHK-10; MED2; VSL-2012; Sõnaveeb; EE-online
Kontekst: Ravimitekkene koomata hüpoglükeemia [RHK-10]
Kontekst: Hüpoglükeemia võib tekkida suhkruhaigel insuliini üledoseerimisel, mõnikord ka tervel inimesel raske töö korral. [EE-online]

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Definitsioon: deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream [Lexico]
Märkus: Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar (or blood glucose) concentrations fall below a level necessary to properly support the body's need for energy and stability throughout its cells. [TFDM]
Märkus: In healthy individuals an intricate glucoregulatory system acts rapidly to counter hypoglycemia by reducing insulin production (insulin is important in the mechanism that removes glucose from the bloodstream) and mobilizing energy reserves from the fat and liver. When this regulatory system does not operate, disproportionately large amounts of insulin in the blood result in sudden drastic falls in circulating glucose. [BRITANNICA Hypoglycemia]
Märkus: Drug-induced hypoglycemia, a complication of diabetes, is the most commonly seen and most dangerous form of hypoglycemia. [TFDM]
Allikaviide: TER-PLUS; ICD-10; M-W; COO; Lexico; TFDM; BRITANNICA; MED2
Allikaviide: ICD-10; M-W; COO; Lexico; TFDM
Märkus: chiefly British [M-W]

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Allikaviide: TER-PLUS

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Allikaviide: RHK-10; MED2
Kontekst: Diabetes mellitus (prae-existens) afficiens fetum sive neonatum (cum hypoglycaemia) [RHK-10]

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