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Kuupäev: 11.06.2020
Valdkonnaviide: AUB
Märkus: Vt ka kirjed "two-factor authentication - kaksikautentimine" ja "multifactor authentication - multiautentimine". [11.06.2020]
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Definitsioon: a process for securing access to a given system, such as a network or website, that identifies the party requesting access through only one category of credentials [ISDEF]
single-factor authentication
Allikaviide: ISDEF; TER-PLUS; AKIT
Kontekst: Authenticating a user with a user ID and a password is usually considered the most basic type of authentication, and it depends on the user knowing two pieces of information: the user ID or username, and the password. Since this type of authentication relies on just one authentication factor, it is a type of single-factor authentication. [ISDEF authentication]
Keelenditüüp: lühend
Allikaviide: ISDEF

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Definitsioon: autentimine üheainsa autentimisteguriga [AKIT]
Allikaviide: AKIT; 91912; 91911

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