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Kuupäev: 16.06.2020
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Märkus: Vt ka kirjed "single-factor authentication - lihtautentimine" ja "two-factor authentication - kaksikautentimine". [10.06.2020]
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Definitsioon: a method of authentication that requires at least two different authentication factors; typically something you know (username/password) and something that you have (a token or cell-phone) or something that you are (a biometric) [91916]
multifactor authentication
Allikaviide: 91916; 91920; AKIT
Kontekst: Authentication is the provision of assurance of the claimed identity of an entity. In case of user authentication, users are identified either by knowledge (e.g., a secret such as a password or a PIN), by possession (e.g., a physical token), or by a personal characteristic (e.g., biometrics such as a fingerprint or face geometry). Two-factor authentication is based on two independent factors, for example, a passport with a fingerprint. Multifactor authentication hence means two or more of the authentication factors required for being authenticated. [91920 Two-Factor Authentication]
multi-factor authentication
Allikaviide: TechoDic; TER-PLUS
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Allikaviide: TechoDic; TER-PLUS

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Definitsioon: autentimine mitme eri tüüpi identsustõendiga - näiteks kiipkaardi, parooli ja biomeetrikuga [AKIT]
Allikaviide: AKIT; 91911; 91912
Allikaviide: AKIT

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authentification à facteurs multiples
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Allikaviide: TER-PLUS

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