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Definitsioon: an individual responsible for managing an organization's risks and minimizing the adverse impact of losses on the achievement of the organization's objectives [IRMI-GLOSSARY]
Definitsioon: person in charge of the control, contracting and administration of insurance policies, coverage and risk estimation for a company or institution. Risk managers are responsible for ensuring suitable coverage for all company assets, including customer accounts. [TER-PLUS]
Märkus: Traditionally, risk managers have focused on event risks, but some organizations have broadened the role to include other types of risk (e.g., operational risks). [IRMI-GLOSSARY]
risk manager
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Kontekst: The risk manager is charged with identifying risks, evaluating risks, selecting the best techniques for treating identified risks, implementing the chosen risk management techniques, and regularly evaluating and monitoring the program. This person is also involved in the managerial processes of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling those activities in a business that deals with various types of risk. [IRMI-GLOSSARY]

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