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Kuupäev: 10.06.2019
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Definitsioon: technology-enabled innovation in insurance that could result in new business models, applications, processes or products with an associated material effect on the provision of insurance products and services [90573]
Allikaviide: IATE; 52017IP0211; 90573; 90575
Kontekst: whereas InsurTech refers to insurance enabled by or provided via new technologies, for example through automated advice, risk assessment and Big Data, but also by insuring against new risks such as cyberattacks; [52017IP0211]
Kontekst: Tasks of the InsurTech Task Force. The ITF will lead EIOPA's work relating to issues and aspects arising from InsurTech, and falling within EIOPA's powers under the EIOPA Regulation. To this end, InsurTech means technology-enabled innovation in (re-)insurance and pensions, regardless of the nature or size of the provider of the services. [90575]
Kontekst: Insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. [INVESTOPEDIA]
Kontekst: Insurtech is exploring avenues that large insurance firms have less incentive to exploit, such as offering ultra-customized policies, social insurance, and using new streams of data from internet-enabled devices to dynamically price premiums according to observed behavior. [INVESTOPEDIA]
Märkus: Insurtech is a combination of the words “insurance” and “technology,” inspired by the term fintech. [INVESTOPEDIA]
Kontekst: The belief driving insurtech companies and investments by venture capitalists in the space is that the insurance industry is ripe for innovation and disruption. [INVESTOPEDIA]

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Definitsioon: tehnoloogial põhinev kindlustuse uuendus, mille tulemuseks võivad olla uued ärimudelid, rakendused või protsessid, millel on oluline mõju kindlustusteenusele [KTTG]
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