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Definitsioon: any persistent, manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment [92003; IATE]
marine litter
Allikaviide: 92003; 32018L0851; 32019L0883; 32019L0904; IATE
Kontekst: Waste, in particular plastic waste, from rivers is one of the main contributors to marine litter, which includes discharges from inland waterway vessels. [32019L0883]
Kontekst: Single-use plastic products and fishing gear containing plastic are therefore a particularly serious problem in the context of marine litter, pose a severe risk to marine ecosystems, to biodiversity and to human health and damage activities such as tourism, fisheries and shipping. [32019L0904]
marine debris
Allikaviide: 32018L0851; IATE; BRI; T2041
Kontekst: The Argentine coast of the estuary is low-lying; its banks are of marine debris and coarse sand ... (Rio de La Plata). [BRI]
Kontekst: Litter in the marine environment is a particularly pressing problem, and Member States should take measures that aim at halting the generation of marine litter in the Union, thereby contributing to the goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the UN General Assembly on 25 September 2015 to prevent and significantly reduce by 2025 marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution. [32018L0851]

et et
Allikaviide: JäätS-2021/05/4; 32019L0883; 32018L0851; IATE; 91993; 91994; 91995
Kontekst: Kõige sagedamini pärineb mereprügi maismaalt. [91993]
Kontekst: Ranna- ja mereprügi rohkusega kaasnevad sotsiaalmajanduslikud kulutused, otsesed ja kaudsed ohud inimese tervisele, merekeskkonnale ja -elustikule. [91994]
Allikaviide: IATE; 91993; 91995
Kontekst: Plast moodustab 80% mereprahist ning laguneb merekeskkonnas sadu aastaid. [91995]
meres leiduvad jäätmed
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Allikaviide: 92041

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