Kirje: 49145
Kuupäev: 29.05.2003
Valdkonnaviide: TR8
Keelesuund: inglise - eesti

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control tower
Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [T70091 ann, 2.4.b]
Definitsioon: an elevated glass-enclosed structure which has an unobstructed view of a landing field and from which air traffic may be controlled usually by radio [TER]
Kontekst: Technical and maintenance areas shall be protected by fencing, guards, patrols and access to these areas controlled by means of airport identification cards and vehicle passes. Similar measures shall be taken to protect the perimeter and such airport-based installations as power supplies, electrical sub-stations, navigational facilities, control towers and other buildings used by the air traffic control services, and fuel and communications facilities. [T70091]

et et
Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [TSR]

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