Kirje: 34594
Kuupäev: 04.05.2001
Valdkonnaviide: ELE3; TR5
Märkus: FI: asetusuloke [T50186]
Keelesuund: inglise - eesti

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position lug
Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [T50186 ann I.5.3. jm 1]
Kontekst: It is considered that an arrangement satisfies the requirements of this section when the filament lamp can be easily fitted into the headlamp and the positioning lug can be correctly fitted into its slot even in darkness, the slot being of exactly the right size. [T50186]
positioning lug
Keelenditüüp: variant
Allikaviide: [T50186]

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Keelenditüüp: eelistermin

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