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Märkus: taktikatasand [KOMISJON]

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execute operations
Allikaviide: AJP-01(E)
Kontekst: At the tactical level, NATO force commanders must be empowered to conduct effective cooperation and coordination to execute operations. [AJP-01(E)]
Kontekst: A joint operation normally consists of a number of stages which are: • analysis (the environment, the problem and operational approach); • developing an operation plan (OPLAN); • force generation and preparation, including build-up, assembly and pre-mission training; • build-up of logistic and medical support; • deploying to the area where operations are to be conducted, or to reinforce or replace in-place forces; • execute operations; • assess and review, and adjust the conduct of operations as required; • operation (mission) termination and transition; • re-deploy forces; and • identify lessons. [AJP-01(E)]
Kontekst: Mission command gives subordinate commanders' freedom of action to execute operations according to the commander's intent. It encourages initiative and decentralized decision-making. [AJP-01(E)]
Seotud: conduct of operations
Kuupäev: 27.03.2018

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operatsioone teostama
Allikaviide: KOMISJON
Seotud: operatsioonijuhtimine
Kuupäev: 27.03.2018

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