Kirje: 27622
Kuupäev: 14.11.2000
Valdkonnaviide: BZ4
Märkus: FR: pédoncule [T40584] DE: Stiel [T40584] FI: kannallinen [T40584]
Keelesuund: inglise - eesti

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Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [T40586 ann II.A]
Definitsioon: a primary flower stalk supporting an inflorescence or a solitary flower [TERMIUM]
Kontekst: Sweet peppers in this class must be of good quality. They must be characteristic of the variety and/or commercial type as regards development, shape and colour with due regard to the degree of ripeness. They must be: - firm, - practically free of blemishes. The peduncle may be slightly damaged or cut with the calyx intact. [T40586]

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Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [8173]
Keelenditüüp: sünonüüm
Allikaviide: [EKSPERT]

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