Kuupäev: 10.02.2004
Valdkonnaviide: MEK
Märkus: FR: pi?ce ? main [T40862] DE: Handstück[T40862] FI: käsikappale [T40862]
Keelesuund: inglise - eesti

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Keelenditüüp: eelistermin
Allikaviide: [T40862 ann.tab 1]
Definitsioon: 1. the part of a dental drill that is held in the hand [OED] 2. dental handpiece - a manual device for holding instruments to which power is imparted by various means [TER]
Kontekst: Dental handpieces and accessories EBW ? Controller, foot, handpiece and cord EFB ? Handpiece, air-powered, dental EFA ? Handpiece, belt and/or gear driven, dental EGS ? Handpiece, contra- and right-angle attachment, dental EKX ? Handpiece, direct drive, ac-powered EKY ? Handpiece, water-powered [T40862]
dental handpiece
Keelenditüüp: sünonüüm
Allikaviide: [TER]

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Allikaviide: [EKSPERT]

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